About Us


We’re here to bring the best Melbourne coffee to the West. Our menu is constantly refreshed with signature dishes we aim to be so delicious, you want to come back for more. We care about our customers making moments with us.


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Hadi Chami
Owner, Head Barista

“H” is the main man. He lives off the energy created by Notorious customers, and brings his best game to lead and inspire the team, every day. As you get to know him, you’ll find out he’s a passionate entrepreneur who is keen to build a story and support the community around him.

Mohammed Seifeddine
Our Manager

If you’ve been to Notorious you have more than likely seen this familiar bearded beast running the show. Whether it be on the floor, or behind the coffee machine, Moe makes sure you feel right at home. Moe has owned and managed a number of venues and loves an Instagram post or two.

Ronnie Khan
Our Head Chef

Ronnie joined our team just over a year ago and has really taken our food game to the next level. Ronnie has extensive knowledge in the food industry and held a number of different head chef positions in some of Melbourne’s finest brunch spots.

EST. 2018

In 2017 we sold our much-loved café on Collins St and set out on a mission of bringing the specialty coffee experience to the outer western suburbs. By chance we stumbled on a little gem called The Crooked Fork. The café had an enormous amount of potential and with its narrow shop front was perfect for recreating the inner city feel. In the months to follow we purchased, renovated, and created ‘Notorious Espresso’ and set out on bringing the specialty cof fee experience to the heart of Watton St. Fast forward a couple of years and after putting our heart and soul, Notorious Espresso is one of the best known cafes in the western suburbs serving all day breakfast and lunch and some of the best coffee roasted by our friends at Veneziano Coffee Roasters.

Ready to bring the Notorious experience home with you? Our team have put together “how to brew” guides, our way… So read on and we hope you enjoy MORE LIFE at home.

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