The Notorious Crew. Coffee is our number one passion. Our brew guides get you the good stuff, from home. Like a recipe book for coffee...

Our Coffee

Notorious Espresso is a specialty cafe in Werribee, serving the finest speciality coffees Melbourne has to offer, and a delicious menu created and kept fresh… We aim to bring moments of joy with friends and family. We are a close team passionate about everything we do. We believe in making the most of life and bring this into every single day. We’ve been rated Wyndham’s #1 coffee and we’re incredibly proud of this. Whether you’re looking for a local cafe in Werribee to have a family lunch, or want to try the best coffee in 3030. We’re here to serve you and give you the experience you’d expect of a Melbourne specialist coffee spot.


A much-loved alternative to the morning espresso, with a little twist of fancy (yet simple) technology to add that extra kick.


The all-time go-to, popularised both in Melbourne and of course… around the world. Now learn Notorious style.

French Press

A classic brew, perfected with super-hot water and just the right brew time.

Hario V60

Put the art into your brew, and enjoy something a little more delicate – both in flavour and the ritual.